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Biomechanics of Human Locomotion
Miguel Silva, IST, Portugal
Javier Alonso, Univ. Extremadura, Spain

Special Issue
MS-03Composite Materials
Pedro Camanho, FEUP, Portugal

MS-04 Computer Modeling of Industrial Forming Processes
Luís Filipe Menezes, FCTUC, Portugal
Amílcar Ramalho, FCTUC, Portugal

MS-05Contact Mechanics
Michel Raous, LMA, France
Manuel Marques, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Special Issue
MS-06Damage and Fracture
José César de Sá, FEUP, Portugal
K. Saanouni, ICD/LASMIS, France

MS-07Force chain fluctuations and jamming in dense granular flows
Corey S. O'Hern, Yale University, USA
Lou Kondic, N. Jersey Inst.Tech, USA


Image Processing and Visualization in Solid Mechanics Processes
João Tavares, FEUP, Portugal
M. Audette, Kitware Inc., USA

MS-09Macro-micro-nano approaches in material mechanics
Georges Cailletaud, Ecole des Mines, France
Reinhard Pippan, Univ. of Leoben, Austria

MS-10Mechanics of cellular and network-like (bio)materials
Patrick R. Onck, Univ.Groningen, The Netherlands
Michelle L. Oyen, Cambridge Univ., UK

Modeling of Biological Materials
Gerhard Holzapfel, Graz Univ.Tech., Austria
Markus Böl, Univ. Carolo-Wilhelmina, Germany
S. Bordas, Univ. Glasgow, UK

MS-13Modelling, Simulation and Testing of Composite and Adaptive Structures
Cristovão M. Soares, IST, Portugal
Jan Blachut, University Liverpool, UK

Special Issue
MS-14Multibody Dynamics
Paulo Flores, Univ Minho, Portugal
Javier Cuadrado, Univ. La Coruña, Spain

Special Issue
MS-15Multiscale Modeling of Ductile and Brittle Damage in Solids: Recent Progresses and New Trends
Cristian Dascalu, Univ. Grenoble, France
D. Kondo, Univ. Lille, France

Special Issue
MS-16Nonlinear effects in magneto- and electro-active materials
Luis Dorfmann, Tufts University, USA
Ray Ogden, Univ. Glasgow, UK

MS-17Nonlinear Localization and Targeted Energy Transfer in Dynamical Systems and Engineering
Oleg Gendelman, IIT, Israel
Alexander Vakais, Univ. Illinois, USA
L. Bergman, Univ. Illinois, USA

MS-18Nonlinear vibrations and acoustics
Pedro Ribeiro, FEUP, Portugal
José Antunes, ITN, Portugal

MS-19Nonsmooth Dynamics
Remco Leine, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Frederic Dubois, LMGC, France

MS-20Optimization Methodologies and Finite Element Numerical Simulation Applied to Metal Forming Industrial Problems
R. A. Fontes Valente, Univ. Aveiro, Portugal
A. ACampos, J.-P. Ponthot, Univ. Liège, Belgium

Special Issue
MS-23Probabilistic models for measurements and analyses in mechanics of materials
François Hild, LMT, France
K. Sobczyk, IPPT, Poland

MS-24Kinetics, Control and Vibrorheology – KINCONVIB 2009
Katica Hedrih, Serbia

MS-25Waves in solids, nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring
Ajit Mal, UCLA, USA
Fabrizio Ricci, Univ. Naples, Italy

Special Issue
MS-26Stability and Nonlinear Behavior of Steel Structures
Dinar Camotim, IST, Portugal
Miroslav Skaloud, ITAM - AS CR, Czech Republic

MS-27Stability of solids under finite deformation
Michel Destrade, C Dublin, Ireland
G. Saccomandi, Univ.Perugia, Italy

Special Issue
Progress In Thermomechanics of Materials
André Chrysochoos, LMGC, France
Daniel Rittel, IIT, Israel

Special Issue
MS-29Vehicle Dynamics
Werner Schiehlen, Univ Stuttgart, Germany
Georg Rill, Regensburg Univ.of Appl Science, Germany

Important Dates


September 7th-11th, 2009 

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